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There are always two ways to do things in life. Seriously. You can do things the easy way and the right way, or you can choose to do things the hard way and the wrong way. These concepts are joined to each other at the hip.

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Usually, the easy way is the right way. Similarly, the other side of the equation is also true. The hard way is usually the wrong way. They tend to go together and, unfortunately, if you do not have a game plan as to how to gauge your success measurements, it’s going to be a rough experience for you.

You have to understand that the typical adult sex hookup website can be a very unforgiving place for horny guys. You may come in with all the energy in the world, you may be fantasizing about fucking all these amazing women from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the Ukraine, but believe me, the fantasies that you may have in your head are never going to translate into reality if you have the wrong strategy.

Unfortunately, most guys just look at one metric. They just look at the amount of pussy that they’re getting when using . Everything becomes black and white to them. Either they’re getting laid or not. Either they’re getting their dick sucked or they’re not.

Unfortunately, if you look at your success in these terms, it’s too easy to get discouraged. This is why you have to stop looking at the actual sexual contact you get.

The best way to tell if you are doing things wrong is to focus not so much on the lack of sex life you have, but more on how much effort, time and focus you put into the typical adult sex hookup website. That’s how you do it because if you don’t put in the work, you don’t really have any right to expect results.

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